Product Instructions

Sugar scrub: Take solid scrub and run under warm water. Crush and rub between hands
until foaming. Gently exfoliate hands, feet, arms, and legs. Do not use on delicate or
sensitive areas such as your face.

Body lotion: Remove cap and place against skin. Wait 3 or 4 seconds before rubbing
onto skin. The heat of your body will begin to melt lotion and make it easy to apply.

Lip Balm: Remove lid of tube or tin and apply to lips.

Soap: Use to clean body, not made for face.

*Do not use sugar scrub if pregnant or nursing. If pregnant or nursing consult with a physician before using lotion, soap or lip balm. These products contain essential or fragrance oils.

*Products are not to be used on infected skin. If irritated discontinue use.

*Contains tree nuts

Candles: Do not burn for more than 4 hours at a time and always keep attended.
Remember to trim wicks so that they burn clean and evenly. This also prolongs the candles life.

Wax Melts: Store in sealed bag and away from hot tempratures untill use. Place in wax warmer when ready.